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cover art by Maria Pianelli Blair

perhaps now


Alyeesha Kaif // My Father’s First Life (Is Mine)

Holly McKenna // ninth circle

Ayyub Hussain // Peace

Maria Santos // Humana Conditio

Joy Myers // These Days

Landon Habibi // The Anger / The Horse / The Fox / The Root / The Dark

Sashi Tandon // the lost cause

Tivonna Prince // Lineage

Lucas Lui // Speculative Lotus

Aysu Naz Atalay // unfolding gently into a massive water bottle


C. J. Anderson-Wu // Encounter with a Hong Kong Man at a Hostel in Taiwan

Ben Davies // Therapy for Therapists / Cleaning Tesla’s

Anshi Purohit // spasms of irregular thought 

Vasundhara Singh // Feel, Feeling

Hannah Cochrane // Leave Nothing Behind

Arianna, Kanji // Insect Incarnate

Destiny Herbert // It's the Worst in the Summer


Erika Lynet Salvador // Who I'd Rather Be With

Afra Ahmad // Expanse

Maria Pianelli Blair // No Rain / Warmth

Val Maerz // Windows of Perspective

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