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ninth circle

by Holly McKenna

i let it burn but it just had to be done

  • the bomb, florence and the machine 

i wrote about love as though i owned it.

i stowed papers absent-mindedly to be

swallowed up into kindling again. 

the pain doesn’t change, just where you store it – 

asbestos fingers roused as the promise

of softness masked a reserve of steel wool. 

i’ll make beaded bracelets in the burning

house whilst you evacuate at first spark.

i can’t muster tears to put the fire out – 

i sway to the blaze, salve in hand instead,

as the smoke insists on catching you up. 

you’ll wear me whether you like it or not. 

my mind makes a home amongst the debris.

it’s easier to write poems from ash. 



Holly is an emerging poet from central scotland. she is the poet-in-residence for glasgow university's women in law project and has been published in myth and lore, open shutter press, the levatio, honey and lime, vita brevis press, and qmunicate.

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