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Dear things we have lost,


editor’s note


Grace Sinkins // Sweet Tea and Artificial Intelligence

Claudia Wysocky // A Fish’s Thoughts

Ben Nardolilli // Sandal Licking

Lucy Rattner // August

Samantha Esquibel // Dear Stranger

Afra Ahmad // Limbs

Avril Shakira Villar // Journey of Becoming

Katie Nelson // The Final Circle

Morid Hadi // Pomegranate Leaves on Fire

Jasmyne LaBeau // The Woman

Shamik Banerjee // A Death Lesson

Linda M. Crate // not a shadow

Yuu Ikeda // The Last Day of August

Saoirse Palmer // & in your chest, you’ll feel the fireworks.


Maryam Majid // The Broken Wages of Memories False

Geet Kapre // The People in Romeo and Juliet

Matias Travieso-Diaz // Two Odd Animal Stories

Kaleb Scope // the campfire dancer.

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