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cover art by Irina Tall

Cheers to the Ones Who Love

editor’s note


Dorian Winter // that time i built the night sky from scratch

Violet Blackwell // Paintbrush my heart in strokes

Franzzine Delacroix // Morning, Afternoon, and Eve

Lyn Seo // Origami

Devon Webb // IF

Sadaf Pauls // An Eccentric Poem of Diaspora

Ruth Towne // Gloria de Herrera, Saint-Martin d'Ardèche

Nidha Khan // Mother’s Day

Mickey Redant // Styxed

Carson Wolfe // They Finally Found Me in the Pond Your Dog Swims in

Nicholas Lee // External Metamorphosis

Cait Jones // Psyche and Me—


Benjamin Bishop // Our Special Place

Ian Robertson // Death of an Undertaker

Roukia Ali // Are You Satisfied?/The Obsessed Artist


Irina Tall // Dreams

Arabella McClendon // observer

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