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Connected to a familial empire,

Prince is the heart of my soul,

 &  ruler of my life

The last name

echoed by the passer-byes.

Respected by the prestigious

makes us  easy to recognize

Our round face fills the room,

Intellectual rants keep us afloat, 

& the uncontrollable help to others increases our favor. 

The cracks shown through them are missing.

It is shielded by nature. But

My cracks are salvageable.

We hold ourselves afloat by fighting

Goliaths to attain our undefeatable 

streak of 

faith, grace, and strength.

They are not a perfect empire but

The love and acceptance make me want to stay longer

Am I like them?

Francois illuminates the streets of Antigua.

The big brown eyes looking at the new world order,

accepting the hurts of others but

always forgiving.

Our strong resilience increases favor within.

The helpful pockets of roses lower us to bee stings


our hearts fill with ever-glowing mission of hope

From birth, my lineage was not perfect

The struggle to connect overshadowed our true potential and 

the unfortunate abandonment of their beloved left them astray. 

But their good faith through rejection, hurt, and struggle

Helps to shine in any challenge put in front of us

Seen as fortunate by the townsmen

Seen as strong by relatives but

The cracks of mine and theirs are not hidden. Solved through

familial reunion and laughter in the moonlight

Their love and acceptance make me want to stay longer.

The unity of Prince and Francois reminds me

of love. 


the one of one child to both families created.

The division of the two hierarchies causes an unseeable crack to their 

child wondering who to represent. 

The large empire strengthened by their favor or the lineage traced by their selflessness.

Both gave their child the choice to choose

which to embrace until death. 

I am a Prince,

I am a  Francois,

As a reminder that my lineage and self is traced to their love.


Tivonna Prince is a twenty-one year old Neuroscience student attending Florida Atlantic University. A creative writing course in her senior year fostered her inspiration and creativity to write poetry. Tivonna hopes her poems can provide solace and comfort to readers. In her free time, you can find her watching K-dramas, crocheting, or at your nearest movie theater.


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