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The Anger / The Horse / The Fox / The Root / The Dark

by Landon Habibi

I am slow

Like thunder.

Hot with air,

I hit the head.

Or what about the heart?

I go down, 



To strike



The horse shook

Like an old

Tin can.

He feels nothing,

He is nothing,

But he can.

He still can.


A fox is a fox

In a fox. That

Is a fox.


This is a root.

A root digs

And vibrates

The soil

To a flatter space.


I love the dark

So much more 

Than the stars

Because he is friendly.


Landon Habibi is a Kindergarten poet residing in Los Angeles, California. Landon put his thoughts to paper at four years old while attending Cassidy Preschool. He currently lives with his mother, father, little sister, Arabella LeMont, and whippet dog, Hemingway. Landon continues to write and explore his ever-expanding perspectives through poetry, prose, and art, and has completed an anthology of 18 poems titled Shadows Are Made Of Light. In addition to poetry, he likes building inventions with cardboard, glue, string and playdoh. He also likes learning about bugs, history, and deep-sea creatures.


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