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Editor’s note (issue 08).

Dear issue 08 readers,

I have to confess, I can't imagine the person who I currently am, let alone define who I am. But I'm sure you too are in the middle of the journey, the road to find the meaning of who you are. Are you currently running on the path? Carelessly strolling? Skipping? Dragging your feet? Walking? Or have your footsteps stopped and collapsed in the middle of the road? In this issue, we cover the beauty and pain that comes from this journey of identity. If your knees are on the ground of the road like I am, I would like to tell you that it's okay to fall down. But perhaps now is the time to wipe the dirt off our knees and get back up to take baby steps towards the endless, yet shining road.

Please enjoy issue 08, perhaps now.


Seohyun Ryu

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

The Malu Zine


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