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Seohyun Ryu is a young writer from Southern California. She was born in South Korea and moved to the States during her freshman year of high school. Seohyun is passionate in connecting the study of language with storytelling through various forms of art. Her writings were recognized by LA Youth Poet Laureate, Kenyon Review, Scholastic Award and elsewhere. She is currently working on her first poetry collection to make her childhood dreams come true. When she’s not writing, you can find her watching classic Disney animations while knitting blankets for her two adorable puppies!

Art Director.


Tanya Rastogi is a 17-year-old artist and writer from Iowa. Her work has received national recognition in the Scholastic awards and has been published in The Adroit Journal, Oyster River Pages, Kissing Dynamite, and others. She is the founding editor of the Seraphic Review. When she's not hunched over a computer screen, Tanya enjoys playing the flute and watching video essays.



Sophia Bernabe is a senior in high school aspiring to be an anesthesiologist. Because of the publication of her piece “Alienation From My Culture” to the HaluHalo Journal and her leadership in the Life Savers Club, which offers students accessibility to the healthcare field, Sophia is keen on combining medicine and English to further communication and representation so that medicine and fiction alike can become a more diverse space. When not writing, she is busy volunteering at a local hospital, reading YA Fiction, and listening to 80’s/90’s music. You can find more of her work @sophiebrnb_ on Instagram.

Maryam is an up and coming Muslim, teen writer who loves writing until her prose is the purple of the lavender haze in her veins. You can find her short stories in the Blue Things Zine, the Cathartic Youth Literary Magazine, the Expressionist Literary Magazine (where she also volunteers as a prose reader), Teen Ink and (forthcoming) in the Encephalon Journal. One day, she hopes for her writing to line people's bookshelfs with escape and comfort and courage, the way others' has for her.


Firza Hapsari is an author born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She spends half her life with her head in the clouds. When she comes down once in a blue moon, she writes about whatever wonders she found in the sky.



Lourdes Dahlehl was born in Los Angeles, California, in 2002. She began writing at the age of 12 and has dreamt of becoming an author ever since. Most days, she enjoys writing about what she feels, and when she's not so sure what that is, she'll dabble in a bit of fiction and write about what she imagines.

Camila is a nineteen year old writer and reader at heart! She loves to read, write, and play violin in my free time. Inspired by prose from classic novels, she enjoys using their unique, cinematic writing style as the foundation for my own philosophy on what she likes to write. A Miami native and current Theatre major, Camila lives for dramatic and intense storytelling in all of its beautiful forms. To her, the pen is her paintbrush, and the paper is her canvas for crafting a great story.

Courtney Lowry (They/Them) is a Black, disabled, non-binary artist from Baltimore, Maryland. They graduated from SCAD Atlanta in 2019. After graduating, Courtney was awarded a VSA Emerging Artist Award for their photographic work and advocacy for the Black community. Now, Courtney is a freelance writer and editor. Their Instagram is @courtneyllowry


As a writer and musically inclined 18-year-old high-school student, Ava Roa harmoniously connects her emotions and thoughts through the art of literature. Through her works and delicate point of view, she seeks to shine light on the beauty and strength that can be found in embracing one’s own true narrative.

Eugénie Baungaléa’s moto is “To Create Art Is To Liberate Life.” She stands by that whenever she creates. She loves writing, singing and in her free time she paints. She is a Mauritian artist, and she aspires to live from my art.


Based in Hamburg Germany, Sadaf Pauls is a polyglot writer and literary enthusiast. Graduating in 2024 with a BA in Creative Writing from SNHU, her creative journey includes writing poetry and book reviews, creating content for a Berlin sustainable fashion blogzine, and freelancing as a bilingual interpreter for trauma therapy. Her work explores themes of diaspora, identity, and loss.

Tejasvee Nagar are an avid reader. Their pronouns are he/she/they. They follow literary news and keep themselves updated about the literary world as they plan to pursue their degree in English. They have a keen interest in poetry, cooking, baking as well as creating playlists for leisure.

Isra Soofi is a passionate poet dedicated to weaving words that resonate with the soul. As the creative force behind an Instagram page, Soofi uses poetry as a powerful tool to raise awareness about mental health and offer support to others.

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