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the lost cause

by Sashi Tandon



his ex-father-in-law said 

“you gotta get on 

with life, mate”.  

the lost cause 

is a liar and a bastard

and a cheater.  

he’s probably better off by himself.  he lost cause  

isn’t a naturally happy person – he’s a barrage 

of ails and laments.  

to be honest,  

he’s not a very nice man 

to be  


that’s just the way he is. 


Sashi Tandon is a young creative from Perth, Western Australia. Working across the mediums of poetry, film and photography, she aspires to provide a refreshing and humorous view of ordinary life. She aims to make poetry accessible, absurd and entertaining, revealing the beauty and horror in the everyday. She has also written multiple finalist and award-winning films.


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