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by Ayyub Hassain

Was I someone that was always wrecking your peace?

Did I have to be an unavoidable casualty?

Do you not think of me every time you breathe?

You needed a future without me

Now you have peace

We haven’t texted in a couple weeks

I actually believed you’d keep up with me

You’re having fun with your homies

I’m in the blacked-out sections of all your stories

I can only see you through your saturated pictures

But you haven’t posted since you pulled the trigger

Now I’m in a dark tunnel waiting for the light to flicker

My hand you touched now feels like a blister

You never knew that you brought a heart back to life

You never knew that I wanted you to be mine

Now you’ve become a star in the sky

While you become another cause to my strife

Is it fun out there living close to the ocean sea?

Is the tropical air better to breathe?

You never needed a future without me

Because I was someone that always wrecked your peace


Ayyub Hussain is a Pakistani-Canadian writer. His work has been previously published in Justice for Society magazine, Surge Ontario, and the Poetry Institute of Canada. When Ayyub's not writing, he is either listening to music or spending time with his loved ones.


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