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Journey of Becoming

by Avril Shakira Villar

Wandering down a corridor adorned with pictorial tales

And you think of yourself

“How I’ve changed”

You used to have a normal heartbeat

But now it runs double the speed

You became wielder of the tides

Debris took you somewhere more

Your flooded mind melded into a pen

The sky smiled in pink, the clouds in orange

Wind tickled you to sleep

As your steps disrupt the dust below, Celestial patterns emerge and glow

At last you whispered to yourself

Butterflies bleed when they leave their chrysalises

So too will you when you outgrow the things that tether your wings

Soar as you were meant to.


Avril Shakira Villar is a 16-year-old poet hailing from the Philippines. She is an active member of WriteGirl LA, a prestigious writing organization. Avril, a Grade 11 ABM student, has already made a mark in the literary world with her notable contributions. Her poems and songs have found a home in WriteGirl Issue 3 Lines & Breaks, and one of her poems has been featured in the esteemed Under the Madness Magazine. With a passion for poetry, Avril has participated in numerous poetry and writing competitions, showcasing her talent and dedication to the craft.


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