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Editor’s Note (issue 05).

Dear issue 05 readers,

I used to think that we grow from the things we find. But I’ve came to realize that we grow from the things we lose instead. We don’t only lose ”things” we can touch. We also lose “things” we can’t touch: thoughts and memories. Sometimes these “things” leave us with a stinging feeling deep inside our chests. But often after the sorrows, acceptance follows. Then does acceptance bring us happiness? I believe that acceptance will continue to sting our bodies. But it’s okay to sting. as it shows how much we can love. And we will never stop loving, stop being human. So let us appreciate the things we have lost throughout our lives. And write a letter for the little things we couldn’t let go. Because it is okay to let it sting.


Seohyun Ryu

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

The Malu Zine


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