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the campfire dancer.

by Kaleb Scope

Capture my eyes with your memorizing dancing. As the campfire continues to roar upon the fuel which it burns, you dance around it, as if taming some sort of demonic and exotic beast.

The way your eyes shine in the firelight – moves emotions within my stone-cold gaze. My enthusiasm is not visible, yet I silently cheer you on as if telepathically you can understand me. I am in complete awe, Campfire Dancer, not at the simple beauty that the campfire paints you in, but the way you have managed to captivate everyone around the fire. You show your experience by performing a number of tricks and tight turns with both your body and your arms. You showcase the movement and language of the body with your simple yet complex moves.

And I am captivated by it. Held here, seemingly against (but not actually) my will. Your intelligence, your beauty, your skillset, everything. Everything about you is moving. I feel an intense heat against the back of my neck, not from the wild and free-living fire, nor from you directly, but rather from the freedom that you represent. A dancing flame whose light has not been snuffed out by the harsh and cold realities of life that surround us.

And for some reason,

That’s more captivating than simply sitting at a fire and roasting our marshmallows.


Kaleb Scope is a Canadian writer, primarily focused on fictional writing and poetry.


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