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The Woman

by Jasmyne LaBeau

You must know the lore of the woman

The woman who would cry

The woman who would sink

For you must know who she was

The woman with a broken heart

Her lover gone to war

To only return in her dreams rather than flesh

You must know what she had done

The woman who would sink beneath the water

To never surface, only as a spirit

roaming through the village

Searching for her soldier

Only to find her way back to the water

Rising, then sinking beneath the lilies once more.


Jasmyne Labeau is a twenty-three year old poet based out of Michigan. She enjoys creating written pieces that are full of the deepest emotions such as love, heartbreak, mystery, grief or nostalgia. When she is not creating, you can find her canoeing on the river, adventuring in the woods, reading fantasy novels, or spending time with her loved ones.


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