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The Last Day of August

by Yuu Ikeda

behind the horizon,

summer and autumn

mix together.

my pallet is still full of vivid colors.

so, i can't draw autumn.

my eyes are still full of vehement waves.

so, i can't see autumn.

autumn is there.

summer is here.

behind the horizon,

they whisper to me.

i'm on the bridge of mixed seasons,

at the same time of being in the sea of summer.

this benumbed world

might not be able to feel them.

i feel,

i can feel,

all i can do is to feel.


Yuu Ikeda (she/they) is a Japan based poet and writer. She loves writing, reading mystery novels, sugary coffee, and japanese comic “呪術廻戦 (Jujutsu Kaisen)”. She writes poetry on her website. Her first essay “DROPOUT” was published in MORIA Literary Magazine. And her latest poetry chapbook “Phantasmal Flowers in The Eden Where Only I Know” was published by Black Sunflowers Poetry Press. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram : @yuunnnn77


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