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Pomegranate Leaves on Fire

by Morid Hadi

My Wings are pomegranate leafs on fire

I have no choice but to burn them until they turn black like the blindfolds in they're mind's

Just because I'm multicolored

My flag is wanted

And my pain is zipped shut inside me

The buds of my branches may be visible

Underneath the layers of lies I hide them in

I may as well be a living Prism

Bending what people see in hopes to hide

Twisting and turning the light away from the truth

So it can hit what they want to see

And I cage my soul underneath it all

But surely one day

They're arrows will hit directly at my chains

And I will be carried out for my death

My branches will be cut with they're ignorance

and all the color will fade from me

And in the end I would be no-one

And just pomegranate leaves on fire


Morid Hadi is a 17 year old who's mission in life is to inspire people with art and make people care about art and it's importance in human culture

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