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Dear Stranger

by Samantha Esquibel

I write to someone

That I don’t know

But I feel like I do

Deep in my soul

I’m haunted by

Your eyes

I hear whispers of affection

Are they lies?

I see you

But never your face

You are perfect in every way

Sculpted with grace

Your eyes, your eyes

It’s always them

I can never picture them correctly

But ideas stem

They are always warm and gentle They

are the sun rising behind the clouds With

a pain underneath

Then dark clouds enshroud

Your smile, your smile

I see a constellation

But they deceive, deceive

I want an explanation

There are whispers, whispers

Of sweet, sweet nothings

Repeated in my head

Are those things, the things

Phantom touches, echoing giggles

I sense your presence

Your name is on the tip of my tongue

In my mind, I recognize your


Your soul, your soul

I feel connected

You’re always with me

Your love reflected

Dear stranger, oh stranger

I’ll find you one day Our

souls are connected

You're never away.


Samantha is a high school student in Canada. Reading has always been her escape from reality, while writing was her outlet. Her other notable hobbies include playing herr bass guitar with a group of friends in a small girl band, obsessing over the dark academia aesthetic, and sharing hundreds of memes with friends who can't find enough time to respond to all of them (haha). She has her sights set on starting a blog and literary/art magazine with friends in the future, and hopes that by improving her writing skills through lit. magazines, she would feel more qualified to lead one.


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