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by Devon Webb

If there is a calmness in the centre of the storm 

it would be here with you 

where the world revolves loudly around us but

the only sound that matters 

is that of your words tripping over each other

the same way mine do. 

If there is a light in the darkness after dusk 

it would be bright blue

like a planet

like a star 

like your eyes cutting lines through the silence 

& straight into my heart 

where the truth burns bright like a beacon 

and any chance of keeping my feelings a secret 

withers up in the overwhelming heat. 

If there is a way to communicate my intentions effectively 

it would take the form of a poem 

where I could write the words down so very carefully 

instead of having them all rush out of my mouth

and make a mess of themselves 

although if they did 

you'd clean it up without complaint,

sorting through the stupid shit I say 

& making it all make sense. 

If there is a test to determine

how badly I want you

& how brave I have become 

this would be it

& now would be my moment 

to accidentally brush against you 

& accidentally let you catch me staring 

& accidentally let my guard down 

& accidentally let you know 

that none of this is an accident 

& I've been waiting for you all along. 


Devon Webb is a 25-year-old writer & editor based in Aotearoa New Zealand. She writes full-time, exploring themes of femininity, vulnerability, anti-capitalism & neurodivergence. She shares her poetry online, through live performance, & has been widely published worldwide. She is an in-house writer for Erato Magazine, an editor for Prismatica Press & Naked Cat Publishing, & is currently working on the final edits of her debut novel, The Acid Mile. She can be found on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Bluesky at @devonwebbnz.


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