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An Eccentric Poem of Diaspora

by Sadaf Pauls

so thin in this land 

I have become a vine 

rooted in a crust of a rock. 

without a shadow 

an alien streak in  

your botanical realm 

I have not the leaves 

to hide in. 

I am tall 

so tall I could become a tree  looking out to the sea, 

over a frozen porch,  

where icicles tickle my mango skin.   

I am naked enough 

trip me on a rimed beach,  

my silk/your icy beads collide a revolutionary relic.  

It’s not painful 

I am not bruised  

or bent  

or broken. 

Where I am 

time tiptoes  

around my dreams 

tangerines sprout  

morning glory 

myths grow  

on my branches, 

now strong. 

Where you are 

is home as sweet?


Based in Hamburg Germany, Sadaf Pauls is a polyglot writer and literary enthusiast. Graduating in 2024 with a BA in Creative Writing from SNHU, her creative journey includes writing poetry and book reviews, creating content for a Berlin sustainable fashion blogzine, and freelancing as a bilingual interpreter for trauma therapy. Her work explores themes of diaspora, identity, and loss. She shares her upcoming publications on her website and Instagram. @sadaf_pauls


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