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Morning, Afternoon, and Eve

by Franzzine Delacroix

The sun rose, bright and radiant 

When a lovely reunion took place 

Between people, living separate lives, 

Yet found comfort in each other's embrace. 

For hours without end, we chattered, 

Together, we filled the air with love and laughter. Not a

sign of the slightest worry was shown on our faces,

Despite being aware of what will come after. 

Once the clock struck twelve, 

Early morning transformed into a point of mourning.

They longed for something they could not afford,

They wanted more time. 

It hurt so much that it felt like a crime; 

Just as painful as treating a wound with

lime, The yearning, equally pitiful, 

For they felt like beggars — robbed of a mere dime. 

Time moves and passes by, ever so swiftly;

Hence, evening arrived just as quickly. 

I was troubled, lost, and drowning in my thoughts;

Still, it was you who cured me of being distraught.

Half past six, confessions were exchanged through the phone. 

I listened while you expressed how you could not bear being alone.

Ignited with a newfangled sense of determination, I used all my might,

Rushed to get to your place at midnight. 

If you allowed me to, at that moment 

Undoubtedly, I would — hold you close and hold you tight. Keep you safe in my arms, 

Even if I was permitted to do so, only for the night. 

And to think that I came to this realization over the course of a day.

Morning, afternoon, and eve — 

We fell in love, fell apart, and fell for each other once more.

‘Quite the love story, would you believe?


Anna, also known as Franzzine "Franzz" Delacroix is a 19-year-old college student from the Philippines. She has had a passion for writing for over a decade now, and is currently taking up a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language Studies. Her adoration for literature and films, moreover, has led her to join clubs in her department that align with these interests. Her work has been featured in various magazines such as Rewrite The Stars Review, Ice Blink Creative Writing Magazine, Clementine Zine, Bananamilk Magazine, and other upcoming publications. She can be reached out through her Instagram (@frantic.franzz), where her literary pieces can also be further read.


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