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by Lyn Seo

한해가 끝나면서 나는 색종이처럼 접혀지고있다

on one side, i am red.

i have spent so much time running tirelessly,

ripping through my hardest times

with nothing but raw effort and spite

as if it was the only way to live.

but on the other side, i was blue.

i accepted the hard moments,

i protected my peace and kept my composure.

해가 지날수록, 해가 질수록,

i am getting folded up.

in some moments, i show

my redness like a weapon,

like i am scared. even when 

i just wanted to be loved 

or hugged tightly, the red origami paper

folded me into a lion with its claws bared.

and even if i become unfolded,

the indents from the folds remain forever,

lines forever etched into my shape.

but fold me back up from the other side,

follow my old indents, 

and i will take a new shape entirely.

then, i may become a crane,

observing the scene silently. 

해가 지나가고, 해가 점점 수평선 아래로 지면서,

다시 색종이인 나를 또다시 펴본다.

as people persevere through life, 

they get folded, cut up, made into their selves, 

and shaped into who they really are.

해가 뜨면서 해가 시작한다.

let me follow the lines

left on me from my past to find my new shape. 


Lyn Seo is 16-year-old writer currently living in Vancouver, Canada. When she isn’t writing, you can find them blasting music in her room or hoarding sticker sheets.


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