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External Metamorphosis

by Nicholas Lee

I tasted Spring on the tip of my tongue,

And found that it had become Summer.

How was it, that I was able to embrace the cold,

Enduring in excess

The finalities of a year gone to pass.

Each flake transposing itself in the air,

Transforming and metamorphosing

Simply into water;

A raindrop,

A teardrop,

Spring rain.

At the outset of warmth that blew through,

A signal of a new season,

I sat and waited,

For it would further blanket me in its embrace.

Yet I was unable to see the leaves renew themselves,

And when they began to yellow for another time,

I was left with the flavours of bitter cold.

previously published on Forget Me Not Press


Nicholas Siu-ting Lee (he/they) is a non-binary Chinese writer based in Vancouver, Canada. They have been published and writing professionally since 2023, and can be found at @SiutingLeePoet online.


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