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They Finally Found Me in the Pond Your Dog Swims in

by Carson Wolfe

Two years after the security footage 

replayed my footsteps from the bar, 

off along that dark wooded route. 

The news died down, my face faded 

on missing posters, but you never 

stopped searching. I heard your boots 

crunch the frozen layer of November,

she will turn up eventually, you said. 

I was right under your nose.

Your dog never picked up a scent 

as he paddled through the weeds 

of my hair. You looked for me 

behind trees, but not the fold 

of your spaniel’s ears, the wet 

carpet from muddy paws 

in the trunk of your car.


Carson Wolfe is a Mancunian poet and winner of New Writing North’s Debut Poetry Prize (2023). Their work has appeared in Rattle, The North, New Welsh Review, Evergreen Review, and The Penn Review. They live in Manchester UK with their wife and three daughters.


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