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The Fallen Angels

by Olivia Hales

Inspired by Alexandre Cabanel’s “The Fallen Angel”, 1847


This evening a woman saw a painting of the devil in the sky

and it left her wandering if she was

half-alive or half-dead

she slowly noticed a tear in his eye

and if left her wandering if it was

okay to have sympathy for the devil

she noticed the piercing pain

in the ravenous way he twisted his furious corpse

like the green ivy

his anger and body warp filling the drenches of his tears

she noticed the static horror

with which he clasped his hands

and it left her wondering if anyone else has ever felt such wrath


A few years later

she is now convinced

that every angel is bound

by tangled red wires to fall

(pushed by greed / killed by fate)

She learnt this lesson

when she tried to rearrange the silky strings of reality

attempted to see perfection in the mirror

a face in the soft milky moon

a painting in the sky

and place bloody wings on her back

(pushed by greed / killed by fate)


Olivia is an aspiring poet, aged 15, currently living in Italy. Her most practiced hobbies are writing, reading and dancing (which she has been doing for 10 years now) and she is an editor at the online magazine Adolescence. When she's not writing poetry at 3 am she is probably re-watching Dead Poets Society (again!) or listening to The Smiths, drinking coffe and reading beside her 5 cats. You can find her on Instagram @oliviafrances_writes.


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