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Pareidolia and peripheral hallucinations

by K weber

Listening to the whistle

of AM/FM

Sitting down with the blind spot

becoming fireworks

Feeling like a baby was left

behind and there is no baby

Lying in bed and swore

there was a snowsuit at the edge

Hearing each garbled word

across an invisible transmission

Lighting up the neighborhood

with red and blue screams

Seeing pixels were geometry

and an overlay

Perching in the cushion’s indent

could not end the conversation

Knowing the unplugged fan

became something else

The fan was reading a book

about side effects


K Weber is an Ohio writer with 10 online books of poetry. K writes independently and collaboratively, having created poems from words donated by more than 300 people since 2018. K has poems featured in publications such as The Hooghly Review, Writer’s Digest, Fevers of the Mind & her photography/digital collages appear in literary journals including Barren Magazine and Nightingale & Sparrow. Much of K's work and her publishing credits are available as a free PDF or audiobook on her website:


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