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Meet Morid Hadi (issue 04 Contributor)

SR: Could you give us a quick introduction to yourself?

I am Morid Hadi. I'm 17 years old from Afghanistan, and I'm an 11th grader in school. I started submitting poems a few months ago, and my publications are Bananamilk Magazine issues 1 and 2 , The Malu Zine issue 4, etc.

SR: What does poetry mean to you?

Poetry has always inspired me. How someone can use simple words to express such big emotions or events always amazed me, and I think poetry is like pure magic!

SR: Are there any authors or poets who inspired you to write?

I’m from Afghanistan and fortunately Poetry runs through my countries veins, so I grew up with great Persian and Afghan poets like Jalaludin Balkhi, Aisha Durani, etc.

SR: What advice do you have for young poets who’ve just started their publication journey?

My advice for young poets is to not put all your effort on complex metaphors. At first, just use simple words to express things and slowly the metaphors will come to you.

SR: What are your future plans as a writer?

My future plan as a poet and painter is too have an illustrated Poetry book documenting my youth.


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