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by Seohyun Ryu

For Kafka

I’m not hungry for food

nor your money

nor your eyes

I’m hungry for art

hungry for myself

hungry for hunger

you rip my unwilling mouth wide open

and shove blood-dripping flesh that stings

that stings my throbbing throat

I grasp the metal bars

they stain my hands with gray dark success

but no need to feel the ghostly pity

because more than forty days later,

I will be standing on top of a mighty panther’s back

thanking the audience, I, for making me

a full artist.


Seohyun Ryu is passionate in connecting the study of language and storytelling through various forms of art.. She moved to California during her first year of high school from South Korea. Her works have been recognized by Outlander Zine, The 309 Collective, LA Youth Poet Laureate, and much more. When she’s not writing, you can find her knitting blankets for her two dogs to snuggle in.


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