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Eternal Chase

by Morid Hadi

Running through the Field trying to escape from "the end"

Every weed,

Every blade of grass,

Each my memories

All interconnected roots in me.

Slowly reaching a cliff side and knowing this will end at some point A gentle whisper enters my ears

"You yourself don't know the reason for your escape so why not give up" I went quiet and slowed down

But now I'm standing at the edge of my existence

The fates have catched up to me

Waving they're scissors around the strings of my life

Slowly getting unraveled around me

I should be happy to be let go

Because the bitter truth is,

they're right

I don't know the reason of my existence

So I accept it and let go

But dear reader whose reading this

You know I didn't give up

So I fight back grab the fates in my hands and say

"I may not have a reason"

"I may never have"

"But I will continue to stare life in its soul" and say

"The sun may rise in hell in my eyes but god's grace will make it heaven one day" And that hope is my fuel for running till this Day


Morid Hadi is a creative who loves everything related to art especially literature and poetry which lets him escape the troubles of this world.


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