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Bonsai Tree

by Audrey Wang

Wind swallowed mud and

whipped my hair across my face

I wonder why, under this sky the

rainbow is the color of dirt - a crusty texture of soil

as if it vomited out all its color and decided to

choke down autumn dried leaves instead of

boiling them into tea

Naughty specks of rain stained

my white top. The rain tasted of dirt.

“Foreign beliefs shall not sink into my skull,” I whispered as I

rubbed my temples with tiger balm and tried to scratch out

every memory that clung on

My feet felt like pudding

as it dragged along the blades of grass,

walking for days and nights until I reached

the end of the rainbow, and -

sitting there, was a bonsai tree

tender, malachite leaves

that glowed even in the rainy weather

Veins of the trunk a story of a thousand years

its shape miniature

yet sturdy and deeply rooted, never old


Audrey Wang is high school sophomore who has a strong passion for writing poetry. She lives in Shanghai, China and goes to international school. Audrey is a member of her school’s literary magazine club and a member of the National English Honor Society, and has participated in the Kenyon Review Workshop this winter. Apart from creative writing, she enjoys reading romantic fiction, playing the violin, and video editing.


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