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Act of Creation

by Sfarda L. Gül

Needle & thread. Untouched vestal linen.

Fingertips of diligence scribing mnemonics of

red upon white like snow hugging rowan berries

for warmth because one’s naked back beseeches

knowledge the rusk-dry pages of history

books cannot impart & where did it go?

Where did I put this calcified needle, this fossilized mortar, the

petrified pestle, my teacup of toadstools?

Those flimsy pages of mortal histories dry as

rusk would burn so easily

but I live where soil tastes

like honesty so I sit sewing this linen with diligently

bleeding fingertips & this is flesh

& veins are twisted storytellers

& I am undying.


A writer and artist since her early childhood brought up in a Police State, Sfarda L. Gül’s (alias) creative focus hones in on the macabre and introspective, the grotesque and juxtaposing—a deconstruction of social ideology and human suffering influenced by her upbringing, historically erased mixed ethnicity, and dark-sided emotional disposition. When not engaging in art, Sfarda is enthralled in ethnography, linguistics, and social activism aiding to uplift ethnic and queer minorities of her native SWANA and Eastern Europe.


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