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by Holly Payne-Strange

I hope that you gorge yourself 

on the comfort of silence.

Like spaghetti with just a dash of butter,

or an old tv show 

you’d half forgotten.

I hope that you find a space

that needs no words.

That is tranquility itself,

a blanket wrapped around you 

a stillness synonymous with peace. 

I hope you slip into happiness, 

like a warm bath 

fresh, and blissful. 

I hope you breathe easy 

and find joy, 

a rubber duck bobbing on life,

a smile brought to lips 

innocent and sweet. 

Pointless perhaps,

but real. 

I hope you are happy. 

Let me know







to facilitate that. 

What greater joy could there be,

than this?


Holly Payne-Strange is a novelist, poet and podcast creator. Her poetry has been published by various groups including Door Is A Jar magazine, Call me [Brackets], Quail Bell Magazine, and will soon be featured in Red Door, among others. Additionally, she’s given talks on writing at Fordham University and The Player’s Club. She would like to thank her wife for all her support.


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