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Water Person

by Seohyun Ryu


handed me a white rose

i didn’t want to ruin the luscious petals of his

and i didn’t want to let him go

so i clutched onto its stem

tighter and tighter…

he was too mesmerized by his petals

he never knew that

the stem dripped sticky red sap staining the tips of my shoes

now he has to go please don’t go

his back buried in my face please don't go

slowly blending into my blurry vision please don’t go

i threw the rose out of my bloody hands

and stepped on it as i ran for his shape to morph back

i hugged his back

he turned into water

splashed down my feet

shoes soggy wet stains spread to red roses

i didn’t know

i was hugging myself instead

grasping onto my shirt

drowning into my body

why are you still

a stranger?


Seohyun Ryu is passionate in connecting the study of language and storytelling through various forms of art.. She moved to California during her first year of high school from South Korea. Her works have been recognized by Outlander Zine, The 309 Collective, LA Youth Poet Laureate, and much more. She is currently working on her first book to make her childhood dreams come true.


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