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by Taya Boyles

If you press on an object to bleed legible

ink does your pen

lose its purpose?

Have you ever heard of a storm

catcher with elemental control?

Even I can rehome a ladybug to the

forest and know I am holding

something bigger than my hands.

Every good Entomologist

knows that.


Taya Boyles is a writer based in Richmond, Virginia. She is currently a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at Virginia Commonwealth University. Taya's publishing journey started at just eight years old and has come a long way from misspelling glue. Since then, her poetry and flash fiction has appeared in literary magazines such as Split Lip Magazine, Vermillion, Pwatem, The Rye Whiskey Review, Synthesis Publication, Radical Zine, Breadfruit Magazine, Hot Pot Magazine, Dadakuku and more.


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