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The Newsletter From The Time-lapse Zone

by Kushal Poddar

Sunlight spreads as if

someone's left a mess

of coarse grounds sugar.

It ensues a skin-burn and

tastes sickly but you wish

it were more so and less acidic.

Near noon every inch burns.

I look glazed, smell like a cotton candy

bought from some shack on the seashore

where an invasion bled and when

finally freedom staggered inland

its footprints on the sand were red.

The sprinklers dry down. I see a child

through my ears for eons and then

the baby-shoes' squeaking ebbs

into the evening.


Kushal Poddar, the author of 'Postmarked Quarantine' has eight books to his credit. He is a journalist, father, and the editor of 'Words Surfacing’. His works have been translated into twelve languages, published across the globe.


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