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so i wouldn’t shatter

by Linda M. Crate

this is me:

a girl that loves

too hard and too much

and too intensely,

this is me:

a girl that never gives up

on herself or he dreams;

this is me:

a girl who is optimistic

beyond the point

of foolishness because she

knows miracles and magic


this is me:

someone who was told she

was too much so she swallowed herself


until one morning she spilled out of

her own bones—

the moon told me i was beautiful

as i was, in all of my phases,

no matter how much or how little light

i had left in my bones;

so i decided i'd be me so i wouldn't shatter

like glass when i couldn't be someone's expectation.


Linda M. Crate (she/her) is a Pennsylvanian writer whose poetry, short stories, articles, and reviews have been published in a myriad of magazines both online and in print. She has twelve published chapbooks the latest being: Searching Stained Glass Windows For An Answer (Alien Buddha Publishing, December 2022). She is also the author of the novella Mates (Alien Buddha Publishing, March 2022). Her debut book of photography Songs of the Creek (Alien Buddha Publishing, April 2023) was recently published.


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