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She Met Solitude the Other Day

by Audrey Wang

8 am

Wake to the chorus of canaries,

stream of sunlight enters through window and

eyes flutter open -


8 am

Eyes flutter open immediately as she is startled by the strike of the church bell

Grasping the corner of her bedsheets she scans across her cold, empty room

A faint light shone on the torn corner of her room wallpaper

white but tinted with yellow.

She lifts herself from her bed, feeling a headrush as she rises,

Back sore from being arched from body curled

in sleep.

2 pm

She walks the streets with hesitant feet

streets far from the land she once knew well.

Ominous clouds glared down at her,

speaking in a language she found hardly understandable.

Autumn’s crimson leaves

crunched under her feet

like bones of an aging man.

Approaching her parked car on the side of the street,

she came to sudden realization that she

had left her car keys in the car.

5 pm

Back home where it didn’t feel like home, she shuts the window and closes the blinds

so no trickle of light can enter.

She opens the dictionary full of words that

scream out at her,

then changes TV channels without hesitation

never settling on one to watch.

So, she drags herself to her kitchen and makes

ramen for dinner


11 pm

Eyes focused on the stain on

her bathroom mirror,

her toothpaste cap slipped out her fingers and fell into the drain

with a “plop”,

then silence.

She turned her head slightly to look out the window, seeing the moon and

thought to herself

I am alone.

even on the moon, Chang’e has Yutu

but I have no companion

I am stuck in the dark abyss of solitude.


Audrey Wang is high school sophomore who has a strong passion for writing poetry. She lives in Shanghai, China and goes to international school. Audrey is a member of her school’s literary magazine club and a member of the National English Honor Society, and has participated in the Kenyon Review Workshop this winter. Apart from creative writing, she enjoys reading romantic fiction, playing the violin, and video editing.


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