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Sharing Hard Truths with Wannabe Angels: A Contrapuntal

by Lily Scheckner

Cracks in the sidewalk form a starry divide 

Shadow (as in, a reflection in concrete) 

Cosmology (or, study of universes) 

Parallel with cosmetology, which is 

A poor man’s comparison, I know 

But you aren’t paid for 

The catalog: doe eyes, string waist 

A disjointed sphinx with legs 

Stepping on dictionaries, spilling ink 

You’re on a green juice path 

For days, years 

Attracting freckled pigeons 

While someone gets out a camera 

Mythology is learned, earned 

Preserved in time 

With Atlas muscles, lingerie, and 

With expectations of glory 

Weighed on 

Moon dimes, tossed in the 

Echoing fountain for the forefathers’ 

Silver scales, scale 

Back your jukebox expectation to choose 


Be fed to the dogs or decide 

To sheath your wings 

Some are stone, yours are 

Where the clavicles are 

Using perfume to mask 

The shame of flat-footed dancers 

But we are 

The ostriches, the matriarchs, 

Buried in window shopping and 

Avoiding the taboos 

Like peeled bananas and 

Unearthing the statue 

Dusting you off 

Starting over, an instant reinvention 

In a cracked sidewalk reflection 

For the gods and the men 

And the stars


Lily Scheckner is a high school student and poetry & fiction writer residing in Silver Spring, Maryland. In her free time, she enjoys earl gray tea, vintage fashion, and listening to Sufjan Stevens. Lily was a finalist for the Montgomery County, MD Youth Poet Laureate and attended Interlochen Arts Camp, where she received a Fine Arts Award for Creative Writing.


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