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by Jacob

Every single day life violently thrusts my person into the grindstone,

a desperate attempt to smooth out the nobbly bits.

The bumps, the crags, the divots, none of it is safe,

yet every time the outcome is the same.

Little chunks of who I am get sent flying all over the workshop,

tarnishing everything in sight,

occasionally a large chunk will arc across the room at pace,

taking out anything cursed to be in it's trajectory,

but by that point I am too weak to even choke out an apology,

let alone fix the situation.

I do often wonder though,

what if I run out of personality to grind,

will I have to make a new one,

a hastily cobbled together mess of all the pieces I could find strewn across the lab,

or at that point do I just give up,

do I just allow myself to fade into the background of peoples lives

until eventually I'm completely invisible?



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