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Ms. 20

by Faaria Asma Khanam

One more year young

A fleeting moment, barely begun

10 more years gone

10x more ahead, waiting to be spun

Sweet knock knock, 20’s at the door

Even though it’s right in front of me

I’m unsure of what lies beyond

Tick tock, 12 AM

Staring at the lady I’ve become

Blowing the candles, hoping I don’t burn everything around

Wishing I could be my sister’s age

Giving the performance of my life on the stage

Where the hell did she go?

The girl with the doe eyes, innocent smile

Same name but an altered soul

I’m ageing, stressing over being Ms.20

But here I stand, Ms.20, writing new stories

Stepping in with shaky legs and sweaty palms

But it’ll be okay right

If not at 20, maybe at 22

It’ll all be okay, Ms.20


Faaria Asma Khanam is a young writer.


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