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Meet Claudia Wysocky (issue 05 Contributor)

Meet Claudia Wysocky, The Malu Zine’s issue 05 contributor and writer of “A Fish’s Thoughts.”

SR: Could you give us a quick introduction to yourself?

My name is Claudia Wysocky and I hail from Poland. Currently, I reside in the bustling city of New York and my primary focus is on school. However, writing poetry and novels is my favourite pastime, which brought me to getting published by The Malu Zine and many others (I even have a book in the works with Anxiety Press!)

SR: Who inspired you to become a writer?

My father. While he is not a writer, he has always been the backbone of our family. He was responsible for bringing us to America and instilling in me the belief that I should follow my own path and pursue my passions, including writing. His support for my writing has been unwavering.

SR: What is a word you often use in your writings?

I. This singular letter is usually a staple for my poetry, and prose because it allows me to connect with the reader on a more personal level. It makes the writing feel more intimate and honest, as if I am speaking directly to them.

SR: What is a song that takes you back in time?

"Careless Whisper" by George Michael. My mother used to play it every time she had free time from her busy schedule. The smooth saxophone and Michael's soulful voice and the fact that my mother didn't understand when he sang "Please stay," when she heard it for the first time makes it even more memorable.

SR: What advice do you have for young writers who’ve just started their publication journey?

As a young poet by age myself, be persistent. Even if you face rejection and criticism, keep writing and honing your craft. I spent an entire year facing rejection before I finally got my first publication, and it was all worth it. Also, don't be afraid to take risks with your writing. Write about what you're passionate about, even if it's unconventional.

SR: What are your future plans as a writer?

When it comes to my writing, I plan to keep submitting my poetry to various publications and my novels to different publishers. My motto has always been that even if one publisher isn't interested in my work, there will be another who is. That's how I got onto The Malu Zine actually! Persistence :)


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