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Little Black Box

by Vincent J. Hall II

What do you say when words just won't come out? What do you say when there is no room for apologies? Nothing, something, anything. Or is silence your best friend? Your only friend. Who am I to judge? Some days I use silence as my only defense. As my only resort, because you really don't want to hear what I have to say. Or rather I really don't want to say what you need to hear.

So I keep it bottled up inside

like a box

you hide in the back of your closet.

Secrets only you know about.

Bottled on the inside,

never to be released,

waiting for a peek,

wishing to get out.

I've grown so comfortable in this silence.

There is something

comforting about the nothingness.

Beautiful, lonely, absence.

The veil I used to hide

behind all my insecurities.

By which I walk through life unscathed.

Yet you, you see right through me.

Right into the box.


Vincent J. Hall II is a New Jersey-based writer who made his literary debut with The Drinks Between Us. A History graduate from William Paterson University, Vincent helps lead ArtPride New Jersey Foundation’s advocacy and governmental affairs efforts. When he is not helping his community and advocating for arts and culture, Vincent enjoys attending Phillies games with his partner Megan, going to museums, and spending time with friends.


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