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by Ashley Gooden

The concept of infinity is something we know intrinsically.

Not me physically but how we define divinity. It goes on continuously.

No end in sight but it might apply both microscopic and universally.

Number of grains of sand on a beach to the number of 9s after the point when you divide 3 by 3.

From the school to the church house infinity makes its own rules makes its ownself known. Omnipresent both felt and shown.

How I describe my soul compared to a whole universe.

It can't be captured, bought, sold, taught or told. As I grow old she grows out of time both forever and never at the same damn time.

Can't measure it tame it, contain it. But I can live and breathe it believe in it.

Believe that I can live infinitely not in time but in consistency impacting the people around me. Infinite in the way I lead. Infinite till the day I breathe out and my impact is infinite intact in fact so infinite my enemies will mourn me and my influence surpasses the year 3 thousand.

Never ending not just blending but mending extending to infinity.


Ashley Gooden is a young African American writer.


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