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How to Not Exist

by Noor Beliën

fold your legs in half 

press them against your chest and

allow your bones to crack. 

hug yourself tightly 

let your skin be your casket 

and throw it into the ocean.


let it sink to the bottom 

where darkness will engulf you,

swallow you, and spit you out as dust. 

here you can observe the world,

string its beauty into poetry, 

without being in it. 

you can admire the painting 

with its frame protecting you

from what’s within.


here, the madmen 

with their greedy fingers 

won’t be able to reach you. 


Noor Beliën is an emerging writer living in Belgium. She is a seventeen year old high school student who spends most of her time reading and writing. After graduating high school, she aspires to study english literature at Ghent university. Aside from devouring books, she enjoys spending time in nature and baking.


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