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Houses & Homes

by Asma Khanam

The tank has been broken and the rooftop is flooded

there are cracks in the ceiling

dirty water rains as I sleep in my bed

my body lays dead

and my soul stinks of grief and regret

I was born in a burning home

I try to build a new home

I try to walk into the new year

but the past holds me back by my hair and pulls me down

puts a knife to my neck

reminds me of all the love lost and the lost wars

keeps me hostile with the promises I made when I was fifteen, sixteen and


the past takes a new form every time it comes back

some call it karma

I try to flee, I try to forgive myself

and the deeper I went, the better I got

And the more people I cut out, the quieter my life got

I put all the pieces together; bricks, cement and paint

but there’s something missing

an essential element I haven’t had the chance to get my hands on

people say it’s hard to find, hard to build

but I want to know

but I want to know how I can find a home

I wanna know how I can build a home

I wanna know how I can protect my home


Asma Khanam is an extraordinary individual who embodies a rare fusion of creativity and technical aptitude. With an insatiable love for both writing and engineering, she navigates the realms of words and technology with equal passion. As a devoted writer, Asma's journey began four years ago when she discovered her profound connection to poetry. Her debut book, "Scented Papers," stands as a testament to her love for writing, as she masterfully weaves emotions and imagery into captivating verses. Alongside her literary pursuits, Asma's fascination with engineering, particularly in the fields of data science, chips, and robotics, has fueled her academic journey. As an engineering student, she immerses herself in the intricacies of these disciplines, constantly expanding her knowledge and honing her technical skills. With a rare blend of artistic expression and analytical thinking, Asma Khanam represents the embodiment of a true renaissance individual, poised to make a lasting impact in both the worlds of literature and engineering.


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