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Editor’s note (issue 07)

Dear issue 07 readers,

I would like to welcome you to an issue that celebrates vulnerability. We often refer to happy emotions as something positive and sad emotions as something negative. But I believe that there is no such thing as positivity or negativity in emotions. Naming an emotion “negative” makes us not want to feel that emotion, suppress that emotion. But all emotions are worth feeling. Like how crying helps activate our parasympathetic nervous system and how shouting releases endorphins (endorphins are “happy hormones.” Ain’t it ironic how shouting and expressing anger brings up happy hormones?), properly expressing our emotions can help us take a step towards growth. What better ways could we express our emotions than to read and write? Yet again, thank you to everyone who made this issue possible :)

Please enjoy issue 07, Beneath the Skin.


Seohyun Ryu

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

The Malu Zine


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