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Blue Eyes That Only You Have

by Yuu Ikeda

the faint and white sun is reflected in a frozen puddle.

can the weak light thaw the frozen puddle?

i feel that i'm looking at your eyes that

suppress every emotion.

the sole faint light of hope in it.

the cold shroud that hides even the light

is beautiful overwhelmingly.

cruel eyes. lonely eyes.

blue and vulnerable eyes.


Yuu Ikeda (she/they) is a Japan based poet and writer. She loves mystery novels, western art, sugary coffee, and japanese comic “呪術廻戦 (Jujutsu Kaisen)”. She writes poetry on her website. Her first essay “DROPOUT” was published in MORIA Literary Magazine. And her latest poetry chapbook “Mentally, Midnight” was published by Naked Cat Publishing. One of her big dreams is to write while traveling around the world.


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