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Am I Enough?

by Cansu Gökkaya

Am I enough? Do I possess what it takes,

To navigate this world, where everyone makes

Their mark, their impact, leaving trails behind,

While I'm left questioning, lost in my mind?

Am I enough? In a sea of expectations,

I strive to meet them all, seeking validations.

But the bar keeps rising, out of my reach,

Leaving me gasping, feeling incomplete.

Am I enough? As I compare myself to others,

Their successes shining, while I'm left to smother

In the shadows of doubt, of my own inadequacy,

Wondering if there's a place for someone like me.

Am I enough? Do I deserve love and affection,

Or am I destined to live in constant rejection?

I yearn for acceptance, for someone to see,

The worth that lies hidden deep within me.

Am I enough? In a world that values perfection,

I grapple with flaws, with self-correction.

I question my worth, my very existence,

Lost in a maze of self-doubt and resistance.


Cansu Gökkaya, a young author, discovered her passion for writing at an early age. Despite her young age, she has already published impressive poems and made a name for herself. Cansu works tirelessly to perfect her craft and expand her readership. Her curiosity, ambition and passion promise a promising future as an author who will delight her readers with captivating stories.


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