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A Ghost’s Smile

by Cansu Gökkaya

In the silent night, the shadows grow long,

Whispers of memories, tender and strong.

I reach out, but your presence is but a wisp,

Gone with the wind, like a vanishing kiss.

In the hush of the dawn, I long for your gaze,

A warmth that once danced, now lost in the maze.

Your laughter, a melody, echoes in my mind,

Yet in the stillness, a vacancy I find.

Through the mist of my tears, I search for your face,

Tracing the contours of a forgotten embrace.

But time is a thief, stealing moments away,

Leaving me stranded in a desolate fray.

The echo of your voice, now just a faint hum,

Haunts the chambers of my heart, heavy and numb.

The symphony we composed, now a discordant tune,

Echoing the ache of a love that ended too soon.

Every corner I turn, a ghost of your smile,

An ephemeral vision, a fleeting exile.

I grasp at the remnants, the fragments that remain,

But they slip through my fingers, leaving only pain.

In the corridors of my soul, your absence resounds,

An eternal echo, where silence abounds.

I'm left with memories, fragile and frayed,

A symphony of sorrow, where love once played.

And in the endless expanse of this desolate night,

I mourn the loss of you, my guiding light.

For in the void you left, my heart is torn,

Forever haunted by the love that was once born.


Born on May 13, 2008, in Tyrol, Austria, Cansu Gökkaya's early passion for writing has blossomed into a successful career. With her own published book and contributions to several anthologies, her evocative storytelling and profound exploration of human emotions have garnered a dedicated readership. As she continues to craft compelling narratives, Cansu aims to leave a lasting impact on the literary world with her poignant and thought-provoking work. On her Instagram, she showcases snippets of her writing process, offering her followers glimpses into her creative inspirations and the behind-the-scenes journey of her literary endeavors.


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