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by Mahnissa Maneerut

I met a girl, a masterpiece true, Whose heart holds a secret, an enchantment in view. Through hell, she has traveled, her spirit unharmed, Beware of her love, for it's both gentle and armed. She taught me of love, both for self and for others, A kind-hearted soul, she embraced all her brothers. Her heart, like a tapestry woven with care, Holds strength and compassion, a treasure rare. Within beats her empathy, understanding all plight, Each joy, every sorrow, it harmonizes just right. Untainted by bitterness, through trials, it remains, Embracing flaws, vulnerabilities, and life's pains. A sanctuary it offers, a haven so pure, Unconditional affection, an endless allure. Nurturing herself, inspiring all around, Kindness and compassion, it effortlessly ground. In its presence, one's drawn to its bright light, Offering hope, healing, and power to invite. An exemplar of beauty, despite hardship and strife, Her heart showcases the essence of human life. To be touched by her heart is to forever transform, By its radiance, its power, its internal storm. A reminder to all, of love's boundless grace, Precious and deserving, a treasure to embrace. She, the girl with the beautiful heart, Radiates beauty, a work of fine art. She, the living masterpiece, the pearl underneath the sea... Giving me hope to believe more ...


MAOIs (Mahnissa), an artist at heart, has worked as a writer for over 15 years. Throughout her career, she has poured her emotions onto paper, firmly believing that words have the power to heal her. When asked why she became a writer, she readily explains, "I write because no one listens." Her talent has not gone unnoticed, as she has been honored with more than 10 national awards. Additionally, she has embraced her love for vibrant art forms by venturing into various creative avenues such as writing comics and curating art. Now, she takes another bold step towards self-expression by delving into the world of collages, seeking to become an artist. This audacious move signifies her determination to break free from the confines of the written word and explore new artistic territories.


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